The Best of Friends

What I love about Friends. What is not to love? This is the only show that I have ever come across that I can watch over and over and over again. In my opinion this show is absolutely brilliant. The sitcom is based on 6 Friends living in Manhattan and their daily lives, relationships, and ups and downs. You grow such an attachment to these 6 characters who mesh so perfectly together. I laugh during every single episode. The show is so relatable, and I can’t tell you how often I say things like “oh, it’s just like that Friends episode …”

Why do they not make TV like this anymore?

The best of the best [the top 10, in my eyes]:

1. The One Where Everyone Finds Out

The one where everyone finds out: so Chandler and Monica first hook up in London and decide that they are going to keep this a secret because the relationship is going so well. Joey has the pleasure of finding out before everyone else and is forced to keep the secret from the rest of the gang (no matter how inconvenient it becomes,)  while they each find out in their own ways.

“They don’t know we know they know we know”

2. The One With The Embryos

This one should have been called “The One With the Bet.” Phoebe goes to get invetro to help her brother and sister-in-law conceive a child, which is basically the worst part of this episode. While the rest of them are at Monica’s apartment, they begin to make bets on whether the girls know the guys better or vice versa.

Ross: “What is Chandler Bing’s Job?” // Rachel: “He’s a Transpon-Transponster!” // Monica: “That’s not even a word!”

3. The One Where No One’s Ready

This is the only episode that the entire thing takes place in Monica’s Apartment… I can not stop laughing every time I see this episode – Monica is frantic over a message left on her machine by Richard (“is it old or new?!”), Phoebe, the only one who IS ready, spills humus on her dress and decides to wear a Christmas to cover the stain (“I’ll be political”), Chandler and Joey are fighting over a chair and who’s seat it is, and Rachel can’t pick out an outfit. Ross is freaking out.

“Hi, I’m chandler, could I BE wearing anymore clothes”

4. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

I love Ross and Rachel. They start going through a rough patch when the infamous Mark comes into the story, and Rachel starts working more hours then she used to. It all goes over the edge when she has to work late on their anniversary. Ross shows up at her job with a picnic and then Rachel “throws” him out of her office. The fight continues on later that night. Rachel says she wants to take a break and mere hours later Ross sleeps with Chloe,  the “girl from the Xerox place”

5. The One With the Prom Video

Ross loves Rachel, Rachel doesn’t love Ross. Ross goes to China, Ross loves Julie. Chandler tells Rachel about Ross, Rachel loves Ross. Ross finds out about Rachel. Ross breaks up with Julie. Right when they are about to get together, Rachel finds the list of Rachel and Julie’s “pros and cons.” Now that we are up to speed, Ross continues to try to make it up to Rachel “his lobster.” Jack and Judy bring over some old boxes of Monica’s because they are turning her room into a gym. They find a video of Monica and Rachel getting ready for the prom, where Rachel’s date Chip, seems to be standing her up. Ross steps in and plans to take her to the prom, but Chip shows up and Ross is left behind before Rachel even knew about the Ross’s plan. It cuts out with Ross looking heartbroken. Monica and Rachel are both shocked when they see this, and Rachel kisses Ross and she finally forgives him. Yay!

“He’s her lobster”

6. The One With the Jellyfish

The gang takes a trip to Montauk to find out more about Phoebe’s estranged family. Rachel and Ross are getting back together as long as Ross reads the letter Rachel wrote to him expressing concerns about their previous dating issues and agrees to take blame for the reason their relationship failed. He falls asleep while reading the letter, and agrees. Monica gets stung by a jellyfish on the beach and Joey and Chandler both try to pee on her to get rid of the pain. They are all traumatized by the “incident.” Ross can’t take the heat and spills the beans that he didn’t know what he was agreeing to because he fell asleep while reading the letter, him and rachel break up again.

“You fell a-SLEEP”

7. The One in Vegas 

I think I just love any episodes where they are drunk. Joey is in Vegas to film a movie that Chandler said would not be his “big break” which causes a huge fight between Joey and Chandler.  Since Joey refuses to talk to him, Monica decides to buy 2 tickets to fly to Vegas for their anniversary, with the added bonus that Chandler can make up with Joey. Phoebe hears the news and invites herself along (“you can’t ditch me again like London”), and then invites along Rachel and Ross who will fly in the following day. Chandler gets mad at Monica when he finds out she had lunch with Richard. Rachel decides for the night that she has her apartment to herself, she is going to walk around naked, which Ross sees through the window and thinks of it as an “invitation.” Rachel and Ross prank each other until Ross pulls the ultimate prank and writes all over Rachel’s face when she falls asleep on the plane. When they arrive in Vegas and Rachel sees Ross’s “face art” she refuses to leave the room and they get completely wasted. When Monica and Chandler finally make up, they begin to gamble and on their last game they say if they win they will get married in Vegas that night. They do win, and they head to the Chapel to get married, only to find Ross and Rachel leaving the chapel as newlyweds. The episode ends – the following episode is one of my favorites too!!

” Yes, we would like some more alcohol, and you know, we would like some more beers too… hello? Oh wait… I forgot to dial”

8. The One With the Holiday Armadillo

Ben stays with Ross for the holidays and he attempts to teach him about his Jewish heritage. Ross attempts to rent a Santa costume but they are all out, so he takes the only thing they have left, a armadillo costume. He finally gets Ben interested in learning about Hanukah, when Chandler comes in dressed as Santa and steals Ross’s thunder.

“Okay Ben, why don’t you come open some more presents, while Santa, the Armadillo, I have a little talk in the kitchen? – There’s a sentence, I never thought I’d say”

9. The One With All of the Thanksgivings

I have always been a fan of the Thanksgiving episodes. This one in particular they have just eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner, cooked by Monica, of course, and Ross is complaining about his eviction and divorce, saying that his is the worst Thanksgiving ever, they all begin reminiscing about their bad holiday memories. We get to see the classic of why Chandler hates the holiday and they continue to tell stories about Joey wearing a turkey on his head, Chandler calling Monica fat, and her accidentally cutting off Chandlers toe. Chandler gets upset when he finds out the reason he actually lost his toe and storms out. Monica wears a turkey and dances to make him laugh and they say they love each other for the first time.

10. The Last One

The perfect conclusion to the perfect series. Chandler and Monica have their twin babies, and move out of their apartment to move the suburbs. As a housewarming gift, Joey buys Chandler a new chick and duck (Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.) Rachel is about to leave for Paris, and realizes her love for Ross and decides not to go so they can work on being together.  I love how they end by heading to Central Perk to get one last coffee.

Rachel: “Should we get some coffee?” // Chandler: “Sure, where?”

I’m so sad its over… Serious props to Nick at Nite for adding this show to its line up 🙂


all images via Warner Bros.


8 thoughts on “The Best of Friends

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  2. Wow, this is a travel through the time! I loved Friends and used to watch an episode three times at least! Then I had an addiction to “How I met your mother” that reminds me Friends a lot…I know, it can seem outrageous…have you ever watched it? Anyway, that’s an adorable post!

    • Thank you! I love “How I met your mother,” too! But I haven’t seen the last season that was on yet :(. I still watch Friends whenever it’s on… My favorite show of all time! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂 i love Friends too! My husband gave me the entire set of dvds for my birthday 2 years ago. Im so grateful! Now if I could only make time to watch it. Maybe by then i could come up with my top ten too. 🙂

  4. Omg! I love your list! This IS the best show ever! The only episode I’d add is the one with all the resolutions – when Ross gets the leather pants and ends up in the bathroom talking to Joey about how to get them back on – I die every time!!

  5. I LOVE the leather pants one too! Also- “Pivot! PIVOT!!” One of the best shows ever, and I could watch any episode over and over again, and still laugh like it was the first time seeing it 🙂

  6. We bought the whole series (pretty expensive!) recently, and my kids are a bit addicted to it. My daughter has already seen all 250 (?) + shows and can tell me the content of every title! I totally agree, Friends is iconic comedy.

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