The Hunger Games Craze

So, like everyone else in the world, I just read The Hunger Games in anticipation for the movie that is coming out tomorrow. I love comparing the books I read to the movies they become. Although, one thing I hate is when they change the original cover of the book to a “movie inspired” cover. It’s so interesting to see the interpretation of what you could have only imagined in your head while reading the book. I just downloaded the other two books of the trilogy on my KindleCatching Fire and Mockingjay, for the plane ride =)

[Hunger Games Book Cover]

I can’t believe they made a nail polish collection… but I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at least 4 of these… and I’m going to secretly wear one of them to the movie whenever I go. [shhh]

[Hunger Games Nail Polish // I’m liking “Stone Cold”, “Hook & Line”, “Fast Track”, and “Smoke & Ashes”]


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Craze

  1. OMG I am now on the hunt for this nail polish! I desperately need ‘Agro’ & ‘Stone Cold’ to accentuate my neuroses!!!
    Movie was good though, hey?!

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