Pocket-Sized Pizza

My boyfriends favorite food of all time is Pizza. It’s kinda of a problem. I have never met anyone in my life that likes pizza as much as him – I think he could eat five large pies by himself. I had never made homemade pizza before – my original plan here was to make a regular pie, but this quickly changed when I saw the muffin tray that I made these with. I decided that I am going to try to make him a few “twists” on the classic pie – here is the first attempt.  I lined the bottom with pizza dough, piled on a layer of mozzarella, followed by some sauce, and some of his favorite seasonings – added more cheese, some breadcrumbs, and some more seasoning. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from after they were removed from the pan, because these pocket-sized treats went that fast.


6 thoughts on “Pocket-Sized Pizza

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