A Week in Pictures

[The slogan of Summer! //An awesome sign I saw on the train last week]

[A perfect sunflower]

[Enjoying the first weekend of our pool being opened]

[Trying out one of my beers from The Beer Essentials]

[Waffle fries from my favorite sports bar]

[Some serious beer pong at our Memorial Day BBQ// BaDing* and I were obviously undefeated!]


I took a trip over to Stew Leonard’s this weekend to find that they have an entire section filled with fireworks! Who knew?! I wanted to buy them all, but instead I just bought a few boxes of sparklers. I haven’t played with sparklers since I was little, and it’s amazing how something so simple was so fun. I headed over to my parents house to set them off, and we got a little out of hand…. needless to say, we finished all six boxes that I bought (that I thought would last me all summer), so I’m going to have to take a trip back to stock up!

[My dad was a pro and was showing us tricks the entire time… my brother and I were very impressed!]

[The pup enjoying the show from inside]

The Traditions of Summer

[A deserted street in Manhattan]

Finally Memorial Day weekend! Manhattan has suddenly become deserted and eerily quiet. I feel like I wait all year for this – the beginning of another summer and all of the amazing things that come along with it.  I can’t wait to kick it off and continue along with the great warm weather traditions. I hope you all have an amazing weekend enjoying some of your summer-time traditions.

Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to this summer:

[The beach // Fire Island]

[Frozen drinks // Pina Coladas topped off with a shot]


[My favorite bar of all time, that is only opened during the summer.. and only opened on 4:00 – 8:00 pm on Sundays // Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays]

[Rooftop Bars in the City]

[Italian Ices]

[Baseball games // Yankee Stadium]


[Lots of beer // As served at the Barn]

[Lazy days in Central Park]

[Sun-kissed skin]

Cinnamon Rolls

This past weekend I was looking to make something really sweet and delicious. I love Cinnabons but I was too lazy to go to the mall (that is about three minutes from where I live), so instead I decided to whip some up myself. I didn’t have any yeast, so I ended up mixing and matching multiple recipes until I got something that I thought would work.  I did the dough from this recipe, and the cinnamon mixture (I doubled what they directed) and icing from this recipe. The best part about this was probably the Cinnabon-like-icing… So good, and probably the most fattening part of the recipe (obviously). Cinnamon-y perfection right out of the oven.

The Search for a Sunset

I am literally fascinated by the sun… I have always loved pretty much everything about it… I love the warm weather, the sunset, the sunrise, suntans, sunglasses, etc etc… But just overall how good weather makes me feel.. I’ll tell you that no matter what my mood, watching the sunset will always make me feel better and more relaxed. Since I moved  around a year ago, I have been searching for a nice place to enjoy the sunset. A place that I can call “my spot.”

Over the weekend, Bading, my cousin and I finally found a place that I love! It has everything I was looking for: a great view of the sunset, the water, a beach, and nice scenic paths to walk along. I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time here.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

I was cleaning out the fridge when I saw that I had a ton of ice cream left over from when I was sick and eating ice cream for every meal. I knew I wanted it out of the here, so the perfect way for me to do this was make something with it. I decided to make a little ice cream-cookie sandwich… It was such a nice little summer-y treat, with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two perfectly chewy sugar cookies. I have a feeling I’m going to be making a ton of variations of this during the summer, especially since they are so easy to make!

Gifts For No Reason

I love getting (and giving) gifts for no reason. Sometimes I think they mean more than gifts that are for special occasions, because when people get you gifts for no reason, it’s normally because something reminded them of you, or they knew it would be something you would love. This was exactly the case when my mom decided to get me “The Magic Bullet” for no reason at all. It’s like she read my mind, because I have been wanting to buy one for forever! I tried it out for the first time this morning and made a pineapple, strawberry, banana smoothie! I love how something so fruity and fresh can help be the jumpstart to your day. Anyone know any delicious smoothie recipes??