The Beer Essentials

While I have always loved a strong cocktail, majority of the time, my go to drink is beer. I have to say this love affair began in college, but it was amplified times a million when I began working at a bar that served over 400 different types of beer. Who knew that such a simple beverage could have so many variations. Having all of these beers at my disposal, my goal was to try them all. In my time at the bar a tried over 200 different beers which was a huge accomplishment…. As I left my job at the bar, but continued to try the challenge, it became more and more difficult. So many bars don’t surprise me with options and don’t have nearly the type of variety I was striving for. Mission failed. Until………

……So I told you all how I was so sick and couldn’t bear to move out of my bed for the past week… Except to leave to go to the doctor and pharmacy. As I was waiting the “5 minutes” for my prescription to be filled, I started wandering the shopping center trying to kill time. I was trying to go to Carvel to get my throat soothing ice cream, but instead I found this place. ” The Beer Essentials” carrying an impressive number of over 600 different types of beer from all over the world – This place was like the answer to my prayers. You can buy beer by the bottle, build your own 6 pack, and even sample beers from their rotating drafts (fyi – this is a store not a bar) anything you want! You can literally travel the world through a beer. I was like a kid in a candy store (minus the fact that standing for more than 3 minutes was making me want to faint). I decided to build my own six-pack and get a few beers that I have been longing for since my bar days, and a few that I have always wanted to try. And as soon as I’m done with these – I’m going back for more. I will definitely be a regular at this place!


The beers that I came home with:

  1. Purple Haze (Abita Beer), New Orleans, USA
  2. Longboard Island Lager (Kona Brewing Co.), Hawaii, USA
  3. Son of a Peach (RJ Rockers Brewing Co.) South Carolina, USA
  4. Kriek Black Cherry (Lindemans) Vlezenbeek, Belgium (this is an old favorite – we used to have this on draft at my old bar!)
  5. Dead Guy Ale (Rouge Ales) Oregon, USA
  6. Delirium Tremens (Brouwerij Huyghe) Melle, Belgium
  7. Boddingtons Pub Ale (Boddingtons) Manchester, England (I have been wanting to try this since the cast of Friends went to England and couldn’t stop raving about it)


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