Spiked Lemonade

Lemonade is one of my favorite summer time drinks – so when I was looking for something to sip on poolside this weekend, I knew what I wanted. I decided to give my lemonade a little kick and I discovered how amazing spiked lemonade is. All the  ingredients that I used, we already had in the house, and it was so easy to make! It just takes ice, vodka, lemonade, and lemons. I added the ice and a few lemon chunks into a mason jar, mixed a shot of vodka with a glass of lemonade, mixed them up and added it to the ice. Bam, you’re done! The perfect, adult, daytime, summery beverage.


2 thoughts on “Spiked Lemonade

  1. I’ve tried the Simply Orange orange juice (with high pulp) and loved it! How is their lemonade? Tart or sweet? Your spiked lemonade sounds like a nice summer treat. I may have to try that. 😉

    • I think it’s more sweet… although I have yet to drink it as “just lemonade” – out of the two times I drank it, I spiked the first and I added lemon italian ices to the second one! Haha! 😉

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