Traveling and Nature

[Antelope Canyon // Arizona]

There are so many amazing places in the world that aren’t man-made. Some are surrounded by cities, some are in the middle of nowhere,  some tucked away in a cave where you could never even imagine how stunning the interior could be. Places that seem to be so perfectly preserved you would never know people have been there. Here are a few places that I would like to travel, based on the gorgeous and unique natural surroundings.

[Great Blue Hole // Belize]

[Tunnel of Love // Ukraine]

[Sahara Desert // Morocco]

[Great Barrier Reef // Australia]

[Moraine Lake // Canada]

[Marble Caves // Chile]

[Grand Canal // Italy]

[Wisteria Tunnel // Japan]

[Grand Prismatic Spring // Wyoming]

Images via [12, 3, 4, 5, 67, 8, 9, 10]


13 thoughts on “Traveling and Nature

  1. Indeed, you’ve put together a marvelous collection of photographs.. Looking at images like these, it is beyond my comprehension why the decision-makers on this tiny planet are unable to meet together and work out plans for preserving our precious environment, so that it will continue to sustain the life and beauty we appreciate. But you already know that from having seen the corporate world from the inside — we are all enriched by you using your creative talents where they can really be appreciated. Thanks, Jordan, I can’t decide who attracts me more, you or your fine feathered friends. Delightful. “Hook your wagon to a star” and you’ll travel far.

    • Thank you for stopping by! I do hope all of these places stay the same so by the time I ever make it to see them, they are just as beautiful and preserved. Sometimes living in New York makes it’s hard to imagine that places like this even exist!

    • Thank you! You are so lucky to have seen some of these places with your eyes instead of through someone else’s lens! Have you posted about the blue hole?

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