Meet Me in Los Angeles

Our last day in Cali we headed over to the Los Angeles area. My friends who had never been there had quite the agenda mapped out for us…  we were such tourists! We spent the day hopping around from Beverly Hills to Hollywood Blvd. Part of the morning we even started following around a Starline tour bus to try to figure out what interesting sites they were showing their paying customers… until the driver yelled at us. I love the palm tree-lined streets that surround this area.

We went to the Chinese Theatre, where so many stars of the past and present have stood. It was just as stunning as all the other times I have been there, but the history of this place always amazes me. We walked down the Walk of Fame, and I found my favorite star, Mickey Mouse. We had the perfect ending to our day grabbing some local food and taking a hike up to the closest spot you can view the Hollywood Sign… The view up there was amazing.

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