Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

The CityWalk  in Orlando is a little entertainment spot that leads into Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The CityWalk has everything from movie theaters, to restaurants, to souvenir shops. You can even catch concerts there or grab a drink at one of the bars.

As soon as we decided we were going to Orlando, Ruben said that he wanted to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp. I’m not exactly a fish eater, but Ruben had been raving about this place for years. He told me if I was ever going to learn to like seafood, this is where it would happen. I was still a little sceptical. It’s crazy to think that they made this restaurant based on Forrest Gump. The atmosphere here is unlike any restaurant I have ever been too – it’s like the movie threw up everywhere, but in a good way. Everything here screams Forrest – from the decorations on the wall, to the “Mama Say’s I’m Special” cups. Your waiter even does Forrest Gump trivia while you’re waiting for your food.

We ordered so much food we could barely stand up after. Crab legs are a lot of work… I prefer not to have to work so hard for my food. BaDing ate the majority of my meal because it was too much work for me to crack them all open. Luckily we were all dinner swapping so I filled up on appetizers [the “Seafood Hush Puppies” were my favorite!!], everyone else’s dinner, margaritas, and an amazing dessert.


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