Falling into Fall

[Pumpkin Picking]

One of my favorite things about living in the North East is that we have all 4 seasons. I really don’t think I could live without any of them. It seems that right after Labor Day weekend the weather here became suddenly brisk and I had no time to prepare. Happy fall everyone!

Here are just a few of the things I am looking forward to this Fall season:

[Leaves changing to the most beautiful colors]

[Dark Nailpolish][Sunday night football & wings][Corn Maze!][NFL games with BaDing*][Scarves]
[Halloween // Dressing up]
[Fall foods // not to mention a yummy Thanksgiving feast][Carving pumpkins]

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5 thoughts on “Falling into Fall

  1. Fall is the first season I’ve missed at all after moving to San Diego. I want to be transitioning into dark polish and scarves, but it’s still in the 90s here and I went for a walk on the beach after dinner last night, so I’m having a little trouble getting in the fall state of mind.

  2. I love fall too! Here on the west coast our fall’s can be gorgeous or rainy, it’s hit or miss. I love so many of the same things about fall as you; scarves, pumpkin picking and carving, corn mazes, fall baking, the list goes on!

    xo jen

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