Georgetown Cupcake

Any bakery that is good enough to have their own TV show is a place that I want to go to. Georgetown Cupcake has their own show on TLC and ever since the first time I saw the show, I have been dying for a taste. My time finally came on a recent trip down to DC, and the cupcakes didn’t disappoint. I realize it probably would have been easier for me just to go to the location in SoHo…. but it was all about the experience of going to the original bakery where they film their show! The wait to get in was over an hour, but luckily if you place your order before you get there, you don’t have to wait.

Please feed us cupcakes… Between the four of us we ordered the lava fudge, peanut butter fudge, chocolate & vanilla, vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake, strawberry and the chocolate ganache.They are just as good as they look. They were all gone by the time we arrived back in New York. 


4 thoughts on “Georgetown Cupcake

    • Thank you! It was so amazing, I wanted to buy all the cupcakes!! I was hoping the girls would be there.. or at least Mami! Haha they were so good and they ship all over – you should order some!!

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