DIY: Chalkboard Wall

We recently moved to a new apartment. When you move, it’s bound to happen that some things get broken or destroyed along the way. Luckily most of our things made it to our new apartment in one piece. We used to have a chalkboard wall decal at our old apartment, but when we moved, it was one of our casualties. I decided instead of buying a new chalkboard poster, I would just paint part of our new wall. This would give me the flexibility to make this is large or small as I wanted, and a great excuse for a DIY project.

Supplies: 1. Chalkboard spray paint 2. Duct tape 3. Level 4. Old towels or a tarp 5. Computer paper 6. Chalk 7. A blank wall 8. Some type of mask 9. Scissors


  1. Choose a blank wall.
  2. Using your duct tape and level, measure and tape off the section you want to paint.
  3. If you are using spray paint, cover everything around the area you are painting. I put old towels on the floor and covered pretty much the entire wall with computer paper.
  4. Optional: If your wall is very bumpy or shiny, you may want to lightly sand the area you are painting. If you do, wipe down with a damp cloth to remove and dust and wait for it to dry before you continue.
  5. Shake the spray paint for about a minute
  6. Put on your mask.
  7. Start spraying the wall in a back and forth motion until the section is completely covered
  8. Wait about 45 minutes and spray another coat.
  9. Wait another 45 minutes and spray a final coat.
  10. Leave for at least 24 hours.
  11. Remove the paper and duct tape.
  12. Take your chalk and rub it along the entire chalkboard.
  13. Erase and it’s ready to go!

I am addicted. Is it bad that I want to paint everything in my apartment to have a chalkboard surface??Β 


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