A Week in Pictures

[Empty water isles at the supermarket before the hurricane & the nor’easter]

The past few weeks have been uneventful to say the least…. well at least for me. Between hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter, I have barely been able to do anything. The areas around me have been hit really hard, and we are lucky that we were barely affected. Places like Fire Island, Long Beach, and the Jersey Shore need to be completely rebuilt. It’s truly devastating. I hope you all made it through this weather safe!

[How we entertained ourselves while being stuck at home for what seemed like forever][A visit to see my pup][The first snowfall of the season][Which led me straight to my favorite Belgium hot chocolate in NYC]


5 thoughts on “A Week in Pictures

  1. Living on the west coast all we could do was hope that the storm wouldn’t be as devastating as anticipated. I’m glad you’re safe and made it through ok! It’s crazy that you guys have already had snow, it’s getting cold here but no snow yet!

    xo jen

    • Thank you! It was really crazy – a tropical storm one week and less then a week later a nor’easter! I don’t know what is going on with this weather!! I’m hoping mother nature calms down now…. I’m sitting here dreaming of the west coast!! 🙂

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