French Fries

You all have a veryyyyy special treat today. Before the hurricane the only thing I bought from the supermarket was a giant bag of potatoes and some beer. The beer is gone, but the potatoes are still in the fridge. We have been making everything possible with potatoes; hash-browns, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, you name it.  BaDing decided to take it to the next level and try his hand with french fries – which was a first for him. Just like me, whenever I don’t know how to do something, I refer to YouTube. He found this video, but decided to deep fry them instead of bake them. Here’s a creation straight from BaDing’s culinary kitchen…. and he didn’t even mind that I was annoyingly getting in his way and snapping pictures while he was trying to cook! The perfect side to the delicious cheeseburger he made me 🙂I’m so proud. He’s the best!


9 thoughts on “French Fries

  1. Potatoes are literally my favorite food which so many people have a hard time believing! But they’re so versatile! I’ve never actually fried my own french fries and these look amazing! Maybe I’ll give it a try soon!

    • They did come out so tasty 🙂 hahaha!!! omg thats so funny. Ruben actually can’t make eggs to save his life (seriously unbelievable) but he loves “experimenting” and making more complicated things and I’m always shocked on how good they come out!

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