Gingerbread House Party

GBHEvery year, we attend a gingerbread house building and decorating party. There is something about this tradition that makes me feel like a kid again. We crowd around the table and build away, before decorating our houses with our favorite treats. Eating just as much as what ended up on our masterpieces, it was a perfect day ending in a serious food coma.

GBHGBHGBHGBHGBHGBH[mine]GBH[BaDing’s and his niece’s // my favorite]GBH[the hurricane rescue gingerbread house // aka a house that broke in the box :(]Signature-05


9 thoughts on “Gingerbread House Party

    • I’m so glad you like it! This was actually my first time using the shredded wheat too – and i loved how it came out. I was really trying to put the house together while i was at the supermarket buying the supplies! Please send pictures when you make your house, i would love to see how it turns out!! πŸ™‚

    • haha thank you! It was my first time using the wheat cereal! It really gives that “snowy roof” feel. If you end up making one, please send through pictures – i want to see how it comes out!! Thank you for stopping bye πŸ™‚

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