Mountain Creek

TreeThis past weekend me and a few friends of mine took a day trip over to Mountain Creek, New Jersey. It’s only about an hour and a half away and it’s the perfect place to get away if we can’t go for an entire weekend. There hasn’t been much snow, but we planned around the weather. Since it snowed all day on Saturday, Sunday morning we were off. We arrived right when the mountain opened. It was so windy and cold, and due to the wind, only one lift was opened. We got a few runs in before it got completely out of control and lift lines were over 45 minutes! All in all, it was a great time and I am still sore days later. I can’t wait to continue to get back into it this season.

snowboard[My board]Line[The lift “line”]waiting[Waiting]lift[Finally on our way up]top[Freezing at the top]miltfriendsfriendsSignature-05


3 thoughts on “Mountain Creek

  1. I took a snowboarding class in college and it was a lot of fun! Loving the sun and warm weather, I’m still more of a wakeboarder! You should visit Utah one winter. I’m no snow-connoisseur, but I’ve been told we have some really awesome snow to go skiing and snowboarding. 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I’m so jealous! I ski and have been wanting to go so bad lately! I live in Maryland and the closest ski resort is like 3 or 4 hours away so I have yet to make the commitment!

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