Hubba’s is one of those hidden-gem dive type places in Westchester County that I’m just waiting to see on Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives.  Even as a hole-in-the-wall type place, people flock from far and wide to fight over one of the 13 bar stools that are available to their guests. We try to go at off times. Officially known as Pat’s Hubba Hubba, they are known for their amazing and addicting chili, laid back atmosphere, and one of a kind decor. Basically any hour of the night your craving hits, Hubba’s won’t disappoint – you can show up to 5:00 am and still get all the chili you could ever want.  BaDing and his buddies are pretty much obsessed with this place, and half of their high school memories are based around late night trips for their favorite meal – ordering “the usual.” It’s not just a loved by locals, it’s also been recognized many times for having the best chili in the area. If you ever make it there, don’t forget it’s cash only!

What to order, according to BaDing: Chili cheese dog wedge, chili cheese fries, and Hubba water. IMG_8098IMG_8099IMG_8100rube stuffing his facehubbasphoto-24Signature-05


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