Etsy: Celadon Home

I found Celadon Home on Etsy when I was browsing a few months back. I had been just waiting for an occasion to buy something from them. I finally got the opportunity when a good friend of mine got engaged recently. After ordering this piece, all I had to do was pick a picture and send it to Michelle with the date, initials, and the color heart I wanted for her to customize the piece. I couldn’t even wait to see it, and when it finally arrived it was just as beautiful as I had imagined it would be. Michelle was so easy to work with, and I can’t wait to order from her again! We headed off to the engagement party this past weekend and my friends absolutely loved the gift and said it was the perfect addition to their new home.  You should all go and check out her store here. Love it!

DIY: Wall Art

This idea was actually spawned from a shopping trip to J.Crew. I took a picture of the art that they had displayed in their front window[picture below], and for months it fell out of my mind. For almost a year [sadly], I have been looking for something to display on a blank wall. I finally decided to take this into my own hands and make something. After looking through my phone for some inspiration, I stumbled upon the picture I had taken months beforehand, and I know that’s what I wanted to do. This turned out to be a really nice piece that brightens up the space and it only cost me $8 to make! Here’s what I did:

Supplies: 1. A hot glue gun & glue 2. An old magazine or book 3. A pair of scissors 4. Styrofoam discs 5. A hard surface 6. A lot of patience.  This was super easy for me because I already had all of these supplies – I only had to buy a few more of the discs.


  1. Read the magazine.
  2. Go through the pages and rip out pages with the color scheme you are looking for.
  3. Fold the paper back and forth to form a fan – I made my folds around a centimeter in width.
  4. Continue step 3 for a long time!
  5. Glue down a thick piece of paper to the styrofoam disc to cover the hole; mark the middle.
  6. Pinch one end of one of a fan and place hot glue on the pinched side. Continue to place glue 1/3 of the way up the fan.
  7. Quickly place the fan onto the disc.
  8. Continue to do this until the fans form a circle.
  9. Make as many or as few that is desired for your space. I made five or six sizes by cutting the pages in halves, thirds, etc.
  10. Lay out on the floor until you find the formation you are looking for.
  11. Nail it to the wall.

[This is the window display in J.crew that eventually inspired this project]

Underwater Art

Since we returned from Barbados, I can’t stop thinking about our snorkeling adventure. The underwater world is so different from anything I have ever seen before. A while back I was watching a discovery channel special on unique art around the world, and they spent some time discussing Jason deCaires Taylor. He takes real people and does molds of their entire bodies and then sculpts them into cement! The sculptures are then submerged into the sea creating an underwater gallery that later doubles as a home for marine life.

“With this range of experiences he was equipping himself with the skills required to execute the ambitious underwater projects that have made his name. Carving cement instead of stone and supervising cranes while in full scuba gear to create artificial reefs submerged below the surface of the Caribbean Sea, the various strands of his diverse life resolve themselves convincingly in the development of his underwater sculptures. These ambitious, public works have a practical, functional aspect, facilitating positive interactions between people and fragile underwater habitats.”

Being an art major in college and having such a love for the sea makes these exhibits twice as enticing to me. I can’t imagine how breathtaking these must be in person… I hope I find out for myself one day.

The Process:

The finished products:

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