Cake and Cookies

Cookie Dough CakeWhat happens when you take two of your favorite things ever and put them together? I decided to test this out with cookie dough and cake. What did I end up with? Complete magic. I took this amazing eggless cookie dough, and through it in the middle of a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. The result was better than I could have imagined… I can’t wait to mix and match more of my favorite foods. Cookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough Cake


Cookie Dough Cupcakes

CDCCookie dough and cupcakes are two things that I absolutely love eating. When I found this recipe, I knew it was going to be my next baking project. These cupcakes are awesome, but they aren’t what I would call a quick fix, they take a little time. Luckily you will have some cookie dough to hold you over while you are waiting for cupcakes to be completed. Throw in a movie and make these on the side and you won’t regret it… they were worth the effort. cookiescupcakescupcakescupcakesCupcakecookiecupcakes

Crumb Cake

Crumb CakeOne of my first baking memories from my childhood was making coffee cake with my parents and younger brother. We used to buy this box mix that requires no clean up at all. It’s perfect for kids, because you put all of the ingredients into a bag and mush it all together to and it’s so fun, done in minutes and it’s very delicious. We buy it every now and then for old times sake, but this time I decided to make the real thing. I found this recipe and I’m completely obsessed. I clearly made more crumbs than the recipe recommended, and this was so simple and yummy!  crumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbs

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Cookie PieIn case you didn’t already know, I love chocolate. I need to eat chocolate every day. I was frantically searching my apartment for something chocolatey to eat, but all I could find was chocolate chips. There is nothing better than a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie – and I had all the ingredients for the classic snack already in my pantry. But then I started fantasizing about one of my favorite restaurants and the best dessert on their menu, a deep dish, hot and melty, chocolate chip pie, a la mode, and I immediately starting searching for a recipe. I found this recipe that was prefect and so easy to make. They recommend letting it cool completely, but I obviously stared at it for 10 minutes, and then couldn’t wait any longer. I cut in even though it was still burning hot and melting everywhere. So yummy!CDPCDPCDPCDPPieCDP

My [new] Favorite Christmas Cookie

cookieAfter spending the day baking cookies with my moms friends last weekend, [and naturally trying at least one of each kind they made] I found my favorite cookie of the bunch. Almond Caramel Swirls are definitely making an appearance at our Christmas feast dessert table. I can’t stop eating them.. I will be lucky if I have enough to bring to my parents house on Tuesday!
almond mealcookiecaramelcaramelrollerscookiecookiecookiecookieSignature-05

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Happy Halloween everyone! Since I am stuck at home due to no transit in NYC, I decided to bake a Halloween pumpkin cake. This cake was made with four chocolate cakes. I piled them up and carved them into the shape of a pumpkin. I saved the scraps to make the “stem” of the cake. Once the shape of the cake was up to par, I covered it in a crumb coating of vanilla frosting and shoved it into the fridge for about an hour. While it was getting chilled and firm, I made some orange marshmallow fondant. After rolling it out and covering the cake, I used chocolate frosting to form the eyes and the mouth. I hope you all have a safe and amazing Halloween!Thanks for the inspiration, Shirley!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Every year in October BaDing’s sister hosts an annual pumpkin picking and carving party. Carving pumpkins is hard work, and we need sustenance. This year, for a dessert I decided to make pumpkin themed cupcakes for us to enjoy while carving away. After making a ton of cupcakes, I dyed the frosting orange and piped it onto the cupcakes. I added some chocolate sprinkles for the stems and they were ready to go! The perfect addition to our gathering. 

Beer & Cupcakes

The past month has been a complete whirlwind. I have gone from New York, to California, came back to New York [not to mention went straight from the red-eye to work], worked for a few days, and then headed to Orlando where I walked for 13 hours a day every day that I was there. Not that I’m complaining what-so-ever… I’m just exhausted! This past weekend my only goal was to relax.. and what better way to relax then to eat cupcakes on the couch? BaDing’s cousin came over who is a professional baker and owns her own business. After a lot of begging, I convinced her to make me her famous Corona Cupcakes. I can’t reveal the recipe, but man oh man… This cupcake is perfect. Beer & cupcakes are an amazing combo! Who knew!

Baked French Toast

The other day I saw this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere, and the second I saw the words “french toast” I knew I needed to make this. Besides the fact that I am a total breakfast groupie, I am obsessed with french toast. I decided to make this with challah and I could barely leave this in the over while the cinnamon smell was filling my apartment.  I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. This is going to become a regular thing at my apartment.

Cookie Dough Truffles

I will buy cookie dough without any desire to actually cook it…  just to eat it raw. Probably not the best idea. Until I found out that you can make egg-less cookie dough!! I had no idea this even existed until I read this post. Seeing as how I love to make truffles (exhibit A & B) – I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the egg-less mixture. I followed that simple recipe, balled them up, and dipped them into melted bakers semi-sweet chocolate. Absolutely delicious… And you don’t have to worry about getting sick from eating gross raw eggs.