Cake and Cookies

Cookie Dough CakeWhat happens when you take two of your favorite things ever and put them together? I decided to test this out with cookie dough and cake. What did I end up with? Complete magic. I took this amazing eggless cookie dough, and through it in the middle of a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. The result was better than I could have imagined… I can’t wait to mix and match more of my favorite foods. Cookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough CakeCookie Dough Cake

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

CDCCookie dough and cupcakes are two things that I absolutely love eating. When I found this recipe, I knew it was going to be my next baking project. These cupcakes are awesome, but they aren’t what I would call a quick fix, they take a little time. Luckily you will have some cookie dough to hold you over while you are waiting for cupcakes to be completed. Throw in a movie and make these on the side and you won’t regret it… they were worth the effort. cookiescupcakescupcakescupcakesCupcakecookiecupcakes

Crumb Cake

Crumb CakeOne of my first baking memories from my childhood was making coffee cake with my parents and younger brother. We used to buy this box mix that requires no clean up at all. It’s perfect for kids, because you put all of the ingredients into a bag and mush it all together to and it’s so fun, done in minutes and it’s very delicious. We buy it every now and then for old times sake, but this time I decided to make the real thing. I found this recipe and I’m completely obsessed. I clearly made more crumbs than the recipe recommended, and this was so simple and yummy!  crumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbsCrumbs

Dylan’s Candy Bar

DylansDylans’s Candy Bar is like dying and going to candy heaven. With only five locations in the world, this buffet of sweets is right by my job, which means serious trouble. I don’t let myself go there too often, but when I do, oh my goodness! It is such a unique candy store… it combines two of my favorite things – candy and art. They have over 5,000 different types of candy here! From jelly bellys, to cotton candy, ice cream, chocolate fountains, vintage sweets, and any type of candy you are looking for, this is the place to go.  I clearly always find myself in the fudge & chocolate sections. Have you ever been to Dylan’s? What are your favorite sweets?stairwayjellysCandylollicolorCandy WallfudgeChocolate FountainCotton candyDylansice creamChocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Cookie PieIn case you didn’t already know, I love chocolate. I need to eat chocolate every day. I was frantically searching my apartment for something chocolatey to eat, but all I could find was chocolate chips. There is nothing better than a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie – and I had all the ingredients for the classic snack already in my pantry. But then I started fantasizing about one of my favorite restaurants and the best dessert on their menu, a deep dish, hot and melty, chocolate chip pie, a la mode, and I immediately starting searching for a recipe. I found this recipe that was prefect and so easy to make. They recommend letting it cool completely, but I obviously stared at it for 10 minutes, and then couldn’t wait any longer. I cut in even though it was still burning hot and melting everywhere. So yummy!CDPCDPCDPCDPPieCDP


Christmas Tree[Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree]

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year. It isn’t just about the day, it’s about the entire atmosphere. This year, I went to my parents house and we had an extremely relaxing day… I couldn’t have asked for anything more. My parents handled all of the appetizers and entrees, and naturally, I was in charge of dessert [minus the store-bought yule log cake — I will throw a tantrum if my parents don’t buy it for us]. I made cheesecake, Oreo truffles, and almond caramel swirls.   I spent the day cuddling up with the pup, eating enough food to almost instantly put me into a food coma, and enjoying some of my favorite family traditions.

puppy[My little Christmas pup]Bading[Me and my Santa // BaDing]pinecones[One of my favorite ornaments]Yule Log[My favorite cake of all time, the yule log cake!]Presents[A few of the gifts starting to pile up.. before Santa came, of course]Yule Log[Finishing the night with the Yule Log, on demand]

How did you spend your Christmas?


My [new] Favorite Christmas Cookie

cookieAfter spending the day baking cookies with my moms friends last weekend, [and naturally trying at least one of each kind they made] I found my favorite cookie of the bunch. Almond Caramel Swirls are definitely making an appearance at our Christmas feast dessert table. I can’t stop eating them.. I will be lucky if I have enough to bring to my parents house on Tuesday!
almond mealcookiecaramelcaramelrollerscookiecookiecookiecookieSignature-05

Santa’s Little Elves

Cookies[The supply table]

Every year my mom and her friends bake thousands of Christmas cookies to give as little gifts. Last year I stopped by for a few minutes and felt like I walked into the Keebler Elf Tree. This year I was lucky enough to get an invitation to join them. This was so up my alley –  from biscotti, to anisette, to classic gingerbread cookies… and that was just a jumping off point to the day. After a full day of baking, decorating and lots of taste testing, I definitely picked the recipes to bring out for our Christmas day feast :).  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

IMG_8611 IMG_8612 IMG_8616 [My moms friends festive Christmas nails]IMG_8617 IMG_8640 IMG_8624IMG_8641 IMG_8638 IMG_8643IMG_8615IMG_8613IMG_8618IMG_8632IMG_8645 IMG_8647Signature-05


IMG_8433 Peachwave is a delicious self-serve frozen yogurt spot. My first time there was this past weekend, and I was like a kid in a candy shop. Once you choose your serving size, you are faced with the difficult task of choosing from a wall of original flavors — but it doesn’t have to be too difficult because you have the freedom to pick as many or as little flavors as you please. You are then greeted by a “toppings bar” that has everything from fresh fruit, bits of cake, cereal, and of course, classic frozen yogurt toppings like sprinkles and chocolate syrup. I love that it’s however you want it. This really is my kind of place – too bad there are no locations anywhere near me! [Who am I kidding, if it was near me I would be there way too often, lets hope they don’t start popping up around here!]IMG_8435 IMG_8437 IMG_8438 IMG_8440 I topped mine off with chocolate chip cookie dough, cheesecake bites, mini reese’s peanut butter cups, marshmallows, hot fudge, and whipped cream.
IMG_8441 IMG_8443What’s your favorite frozen yogurt spot?

Checkerboard Cake

IMG_8426If you’re having trouble deciding between vanilla and chocolate, this is the way to go. The checkerboard cake isn’t as complicated as it looks and tends to impress people. Here is how it’s made.
IMG_8407Make 4 round cakes, 2 vanilla / 2 chocolate.IMG_8408Using various items in the kitchen, [I used a shot glass, a drinking glass, and bowl] cut out 3 circles into each of the cakes.  IMG_8409 Separate all of the pieces and put them back to together, making each piece look like a target.
IMG_8410 Stack them on top of each other, inverting the colors on the outside for each layer.
IMG_8411 Decorate the cake.
IMG_8414 checkerboard Cut it opened, and be impressed with yourself!
IMG_8427Enjoy. 🙂Signature-05