A Week in Pictures

water[Lusting for summer]DST[The first time leaving work in the daylight in a long time // The day after Daylight Savings Time]Cadbury[One of my favorite Easter candies fully stocked everywhere!]passport[My new passport just came! Time for me to fill it up with stamps :)]
Empire State
[The empire state]


A Week in Pictures

[a window display outside of Louis Vuitton]

[Even though it has been in the 60’s in New York, I’m still freezing after coming home from the high 80’s weather of Barbados, Enjoying some amazing chicken noodle soup from Devon & Blakely]

[An Easter Sunday visit with the pup]

[A quick view of my favorite building in the city, the Flat Iron]

[An inspring fortune]

[Serious drinks from Blockheads]

[Flowers slowly emerging, just barely showing their gorgeous petals]

Why Do We Paint Eggs on Easter?

Do you ever wonder where traditions like carving pumpkins for Halloween, building gingerbread houses for Christmas, and painting eggs for Easter comes from? I love traditions like this, they always remind me of when I was little. Our go to technique this year was the wax crayon – which in all of my years of doing this, I have never done. How is this possible? You basically draw on the egg with a tiny clear wax crayon, and when you dip it in the dye, the color doesn’t stain¬†that part of the egg. I was amazed by this! I hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

[of course I had to make an owl egg!]

Sunflower Peep Easter Cake

I wanted to make a chocolatey creation to bring over to my parents house for Easter this Sunday. I knew I had to somehow incorporate one of my Dad’s favorite Easter treats, Peeps. I began baking still not 100% sure where the little guys were going to go, but by the time the cakes were cooling I knew what I wanted to do. I promptly dyed the buttercream frosting yellow, to match the peeps that would line the top. After coating the entire cake with dark chocolate frosting, and lining the outside with Peeps, something was still missing. Classic chocolate sprinkles saved the day and were the perfect finishing touch to make a Sunflower Peep Easter Cake.