A Week in Pictures

[a window display outside of Louis Vuitton]

[Even though it has been in the 60’s in New York, I’m still freezing after coming home from the high 80’s weather of Barbados, Enjoying some amazing chicken noodle soup from Devon & Blakely]

[An Easter Sunday visit with the pup]

[A quick view of my favorite building in the city, the Flat Iron]

[An inspring fortune]

[Serious drinks from Blockheads]

[Flowers slowly emerging, just barely showing their gorgeous petals]

The City is Spring-ing

There is something amazing about Spring in New York. Maybe it’s that no matter how much of a concrete jungle it is, there is still nature around every bend.¬†Every year they line the streets with gorgeous bright-colored flowers that can’t help but put a smile on your face. I found myself wandering today enjoying the streets of Manhattan, the blooming trees, and the colorful flowers at every corner.