Grand Central Market

For those of you that aren’t from New York, you might not know about the madness that is Grand Central Station. Grand Central is a mix of angry commuters and happy tourists getting in their way. Usually, I avoid places like this at all costs.

On top of being architecturally gorgeous and the center of NYC and where all trains meet, GC is also a food court, mall, news-stand, and grocery store.. not to mention you can get a hell of a shoe shine around any corner. You can pretty much find the majority of what you need there. Every once in a while if I miss my train, I wander around and see what I can find. The other day for the first time ever I went into the Grand Central Market. It’s basically I little supermarket that only has the really fancy stuff [and is wildly overpriced.] I picked up a few items here, and while I wouldn’t regularly do my grocery shopping here, it was super convenient and very nice to look at.

Can you believe this is in a train station??