Engagement Drinks

EPA few weeks back my friends threw BaDing and I a mini engagement celebration. It wasn’t exactly an engagement party, just drinks with our closest friends. We started out the night at my best friends apartment where they made us all dinner and we drank lots of wine. After we stuffed ourselves with delicious eats we headed out to The Ainsworth which was the perfect location – not to fancy, not to laid back, just right!  We had an amazing night and drank the night away, chatting with friends, laughing uncontrollably, and dancing until our feet wanted to fall off. A perfect evening, and we’re so excited for the things to come. ❤

I didn’t bring my camera out that night so these are all compliments of my friends.

EPEPFriendsEPTime for the champagne toast!ToasttoasttoastEngagementPartyWe went from classy to crazy really quick.. luckily there aren’t many pictures after this. LoveFriendshairAnd this is the last picture of the night. #classy


Birthday Blues

photo-7Some people love birthdays, others, not so much. I have always loved going out to celebrate anything, especially birthdays, but this year something wasn’t right. I wasn’t excited and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I always plan my own birthdays and the past few years have been a little bit too much fun – which always leaves me with the inevitable problem, how will I top this next year. This year, I planned nothing… Then when my birthday weekend arrived, I got seriously depressed. I started making some calls, but nobody was able to come out and lift me out of my birthday blues. I was sitting around all alone and wondering why I did this and waited till the last-minute. BaDing tried to lift my spirits by taking me out to dinner and to grab a drink. It was slightly working, but I just missed my friends and couldn’t get out of my funk. We left the bar and came back to the apartment. As I opened the door and turned on the lights, all of my friends yelled “SURPRISE!!” My apartment was covered in decorations, there was champagne and bottles everywhere, and nothing but friendly faces each way I turned. I am still in shock that everyone was able to pull this off, and I knew absolutely nothing! It turned out to be such an amazing birthday that I will never forget. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so perfect! photo-1*don’t mind the green wig in my hand. long story. photo-8Signature-05