Guacamole is one of my favorite summer time snacks. It’s kind of  weird because I don’t really like any of the ingredients that go into it, but the combination of all of them is beyond perfection. There is an amazing Mexican restaurant across the street from where I work called Dos Caminos that is known for their amazing Guac. When I found this recipe I knew I had to give it a shot. The Guac was even better than the restaurant, but I’m pretty sure that was thanks to the very special tomatoes I used that were grown in my moms garden (thanks again!) Deee-lish!

Gifts For No Reason

I love getting (and giving) gifts for no reason. Sometimes I think they mean more than gifts that are for special occasions, because when people get you gifts for no reason, it’s normally because something reminded them of you, or they knew it would be something you would love. This was exactly the case when my mom decided to get me “The Magic Bullet” for no reason at all. It’s like she read my mind, because I have been wanting to buy one for forever! I tried it out for the first time this morning and made a pineapple, strawberry, banana smoothie! I love how something so fruity and fresh can help be the jumpstart to your day. Anyone know any delicious smoothie recipes??

In Honor of National Grilled Cheese Day

National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. I think the holiday must have been invented solely for me to celebrate. My parents are both beyond experts at making grilled cheese, and luckily they passed their wisdom on to me. 3 simple ingredients meshed together resulting in absolute perfection. My ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, I knew today I would be working late, and I know I don’t have any of my go-to-grilled-cheese-bread at home, nor any  bread that is worthy of becoming a grilled cheese, so I decided for lunch today I would treat myself to “The Melt Shop.” I got a classic grilled cheese with a side of “shop tots” that are only worth the calories because of the amazing “melt sauce” they put on the side. I can barely even fathom the thought of dinner….



[my favorite part of Spring // A Magnolia tree last season]

I can not wait to see my favorite Magnolia tree this Spring. These trees are so beautiful, they go from scarce and naked looking, to being covered in gorgeous pink and white flowers – but they only last a few weeks (tops) until all the flowers fall off and they grow regular leaves. Every time I see one of these trees, it reminds me of my mom, she has always loved the Magnolia’s in our neighborhood, and she clearly passed it on to me. It’s the little things in life…