Orlando : Day 3 – The Magic Kingdom

Day 3 in Orlando was mental and physical overload. After walking around for 14 hours a day for two days straight, all of our legs were killing us. We were literally limping at the end of each day. While our bodies were slowly giving up on us, our brains were on a serious high. The Magic Kingdom is seriously the happiest place on earth. Just walking through the gates made me feel like I was a kid again. Everything seemed so beautiful and surreal like it was out of a dream.

The Magic Kingdom wasn’t really about the rides, but the experience. The first thing we did was buy autograph books. We were determined to run into all of the celebrities of Disney… aka Mickey and the gang. We went on all of the classic rides that I have been wanting to return to since I was a kid – Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Mad Tea Party, and It’s a Small World were rides that I was sprinting to, no matter how much my feet hurt.

Probably one of the most disappointing things about this day was that they removed Mickey’s Toontown. Toontown holds a very special place in my heart and mind- when I was little [could-barely-read-little], I was walking through Mickey’s house in Toontown and stood there reading his grocery list of assorted cheeses. When IĀ turned around I couldn’t find my family and I was lost in a crowd of people! Luckily it only took them a few seconds to find me – but I’ll never forget that list! I couldn’t wait to go back and see Mickey’s house and read his grocery list. We couldn’t find it anywhere! It turns out that Toontown has been removed indefinitely for the construction of the Fantasyland extension. So sad šŸ˜¦

Disney has so much to do, it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored there. We saw three parades- 2 regular, 1 electric, Ā multiple shows, and a firework show – and this isn’t even including all of the rides we went on. It was an amazing day full of a ton of excitement, and this is definitely a place I would recommend, no matter what your age.

My favorite rides: Splash Mountain, the Mad Tea Party, and the Philhar Magic Show // BaDing’s favorites: TheĀ PhilharĀ Magic Show