Meet Me in Santa Monica

For our second two nights in Cali we stayed in Santa Monica at the Huntley Hotel. Everyone, do yourselves a favor and go there! This place was amazing. It’s one block away from the beach and right by the pier. There is a rooftop restaurant that has 360 views of Santa Monica from above, including an insane view of the sunset. We spent our short time here drinking at the rooftop bar,  going on rides at the pier and catching up with old west coast college friends.

[view from our hotel!]

The Beaches of Southern California

This past weekend I was lucky enough to take an impromptu mini-vacation over to Southern California. My best friend and I flew into San Diego to meet a friend who was out there for work and then decided to make our way up the coast and be super-tourists. I have been to California a handful of times, but for my two friends it was a first. They wanted to see everything. We were literally not even there for three days, but with the little time we had, we made the best of it. In two days we managed to see seven beaches. I think that’s my all time record! The beaches on the west coast are so different from the beaches around here, between the cool breeze, palm trees and some of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen, I can’t wait for my next trip out there.

[San Diego]

[Capo Beach]

[Aliso Beach]

[Laguna Beach]

[Seal Beach]


[Santa Monica]

Stay tuned later this week for more of our So. Cal. adventures 🙂