Sunflower Peep Easter Cake

I wanted to make a chocolatey creation to bring over to my parents house for Easter this Sunday. I knew I had to somehow incorporate one of my Dad’s favorite Easter treats, Peeps. I began baking still not 100% sure where the little guys were going to go, but by the time the cakes were cooling I knew what I wanted to do. I promptly dyed the buttercream frosting yellow, to match the peeps that would line the top. After coating the entire cake with dark chocolate frosting, and lining the outside with Peeps, something was still missing. Classic chocolate sprinkles saved the day and were the perfect finishing touch to make a Sunflower Peep Easter Cake.

The City is Spring-ing

There is something amazing about Spring in New York. Maybe it’s that no matter how much of a concrete jungle it is, there is still nature around every bend.¬†Every year they line the streets with gorgeous bright-colored flowers that can’t help but put a smile on your face. I found myself wandering today enjoying the streets of Manhattan, the blooming trees, and the colorful flowers at every corner.


[my favorite part of Spring // A Magnolia tree last season]

I can not wait to see my favorite Magnolia tree this Spring. These trees are so beautiful, they go from scarce and naked looking, to being covered in gorgeous pink and white flowers – but they only last a few weeks (tops) until all the flowers fall off and they grow regular leaves. Every time I see one of these trees, it reminds me of my mom, she has always loved the Magnolia’s in our neighborhood, and she clearly passed it on to me. It’s the little things in life…