Meet Me in Atlantis, Paradise Island

I’m sitting indoors and hurricane Sandy is taking over the east coast.. it’s pouring out and the rain and winds are out of control. I am sitting here day dreaming of future and past vacations. Ahh.. to be on a sandy beach instead of in the Sandy hurricane….

One of my favorite places that I have been in the past few years is Atlantis, Paradise Island. Atlantis is a place for everyone – it’s filled with the most beautiful aquariums you will ever see, water rides, pools, beaches, dolphin encounters, casinos and restaurants. It is impossible to get bored there. We were only there for one short day and we were determined to see it all. Ruben and I started off our day attempting to map out our plan of attack. I am obsessed with aquariums so we decided to conquer them first – walking through the amazing hotel that was made of caves, underground tunnels and breathtaking underwater views of sea life. From sharks to jellyfish, from eels to clown fish, they had it all. After hours of amazement, we stepped outside to tour the rest of the property. We had a delicious lunch and gambled enough to pay for the rest of our day there. We continued to sight-see until we finally decided to retire to the beach and the pool and enjoy the rest of our day relaxing in the sun and sipping tropical drinks. We left exhausted, satisfied and sun-burnt.  For any of you cruising through the Bahama’s, make sure to make Atlantis one of your stops!Have you ever been to Atlantis? I’d love to hear about your adventures!

15 thoughts on “Meet Me in Atlantis, Paradise Island

    • You have a time share there?!? You are so lucky! I would love to be able to go there all the time. I had such a short time there, I want to go back so bad! And thank you! I loved checking out your blog and look forward to following your adventures!

  1. Oh my god, these pictures have me wishing my boyfriend and I had checked out Atlantis when we were in the Bahamas on a cruise! We just went on a weekend cruise there a few weeks ago and next time we do something like that Atlantis is definitely going on the must see list.


    • I love cruises, but that’s the one thing I hate, there is never enough time! That was the case for us too, and there are so many fun things to do at the places that the ship stops, it’s so hard to chose what to do and there isn’t enough time to see everything! What did you guys do while you were in the bahamas?

      • Agree! Our day went so quickly when we were there. Our first day in Nassau we went snorkeling. The tour was on a big catamaran and they served rum punch after…then we went onto the island and had drinks and conch fritters at Sharkie’s and got huge drinks from Senor Frogs 🙂 Our second day was supposed to be in CoCo Cay but the weather cancelled our day there so we had a day at sea. It was still a ton of fun!

      • Wow I wish we had time to go snorkeling there too! We went in Barbados recently and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life – and they gave us rum punch too! We luckily had time to head over to Senor Frogs which is such an amazing bar. The view is insane there! All this talk is making me want to go on vacation 😦

      • Well after looking at your snorkeling post I want to go to Barbados! Can’t believe you got to swim with all those sea turtles…so cool. I agree about Senor Frogs, it’s so great! I live in Orlando and actually just discovered that there is one on International Drive. It won’t be the same, but I can pretend we’re at the one in the Bahamas when John and I go there. 🙂

    • Aw thank you for thinking of me!! It has been a rough week, but luckily my area didn’t get hit too bad. So many people were affected, we are very lucky! Since you are such a jet-setter you will make it to Atlantis one day, and I know you will love it!

  2. This was the first place I ever traveled to with Jason! They have a big poker tournament there every January called The Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. I had so much fun exploring the resort with the other girlfriends/wives while our men worked. My favorite part was the lazy river, although the resort also has some of the best pina coladas I’ve ever had. I agree- it really is a place for everyone.

    • Wow this was the first place I ever went with Ruben too!! It seems like so long ago. It’s so awesome that you get to travel to so many cool places for his career! Where else have you guys gotten to go??

      • He’s played internationally a lot more before we met. The long trips abroad are hard on a relationship. Usually I stay home when he goes to tournaments, but I did get to go to Cannes last Oct (when/where we got engaged) and, of course, Vegas. I’m headed to Lake Tahoe with him for a tournament in a couple weeks and in Dec. He’s going to Prague- I’m hoping & praying that my work schedule will permit me to tag along because I LOVE Europe!

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