Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

NYC[Mornings in Manhattan]


A Week in Pictures

water[Lusting for summer]DST[The first time leaving work in the daylight in a long time // The day after Daylight Savings Time]Cadbury[One of my favorite Easter candies fully stocked everywhere!]passport[My new passport just came! Time for me to fill it up with stamps :)]
Empire State
[The empire state]

Dylan’s Candy Bar

DylansDylans’s Candy Bar is like dying and going to candy heaven. With only five locations in the world, this buffet of sweets is right by my job, which means serious trouble. I don’t let myself go there too often, but when I do, oh my goodness! It is such a unique candy store… it combines two of my favorite things – candy and art. They have over 5,000 different types of candy here! From jelly bellys, to cotton candy, ice cream, chocolate fountains, vintage sweets, and any type of candy you are looking for, this is the place to go.  I clearly always find myself in the fudge & chocolate sections. Have you ever been to Dylan’s? What are your favorite sweets?stairwayjellysCandylollicolorCandy WallfudgeChocolate FountainCotton candyDylansice creamChocolate


Hubba’s is one of those hidden-gem dive type places in Westchester County that I’m just waiting to see on Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives.  Even as a hole-in-the-wall type place, people flock from far and wide to fight over one of the 13 bar stools that are available to their guests. We try to go at off times. Officially known as Pat’s Hubba Hubba, they are known for their amazing and addicting chili, laid back atmosphere, and one of a kind decor. Basically any hour of the night your craving hits, Hubba’s won’t disappoint – you can show up to 5:00 am and still get all the chili you could ever want.  BaDing and his buddies are pretty much obsessed with this place, and half of their high school memories are based around late night trips for their favorite meal – ordering “the usual.” It’s not just a loved by locals, it’s also been recognized many times for having the best chili in the area. If you ever make it there, don’t forget it’s cash only!

What to order, according to BaDing: Chili cheese dog wedge, chili cheese fries, and Hubba water. IMG_8098IMG_8099IMG_8100rube stuffing his facehubbasphoto-24Signature-05

Shake Shack

A few weeks back I went to a wedding… Which was obviously open bar. Lets just say things got a little crazy. When I woke up the next day, the one and only thing on my mind was cheeseburgers. I immediately called my brother and BaDing and the three of us agreed on Shake Shack.

Shake Shack actually started out as a hot dog cart in Manhattan… and now it’s known as a “modern day ‘roadside’ burger stand that serves up the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more”

Sounds good to me! By the time we got it together, met up and got there, it was practically dinner time. We arrived at the perfect time (right before dinner) and the line was actually short! I could have ordered the entire first panel of the below menu to myself, but instead settled for a Shack burger, cheese fries and a vanilla shake. We all scarfed down our food and decided to take some more to go… just for good measure. 

A Week in Pictures

[Empty water isles at the supermarket before the hurricane & the nor’easter]

The past few weeks have been uneventful to say the least…. well at least for me. Between hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter, I have barely been able to do anything. The areas around me have been hit really hard, and we are lucky that we were barely affected. Places like Fire Island, Long Beach, and the Jersey Shore need to be completely rebuilt. It’s truly devastating. I hope you all made it through this weather safe!

[How we entertained ourselves while being stuck at home for what seemed like forever][A visit to see my pup][The first snowfall of the season][Which led me straight to my favorite Belgium hot chocolate in NYC]

Grand Central Market

For those of you that aren’t from New York, you might not know about the madness that is Grand Central Station. Grand Central is a mix of angry commuters and happy tourists getting in their way. Usually, I avoid places like this at all costs.

On top of being architecturally gorgeous and the center of NYC and where all trains meet, GC is also a food court, mall, news-stand, and grocery store.. not to mention you can get a hell of a shoe shine around any corner. You can pretty much find the majority of what you need there. Every once in a while if I miss my train, I wander around and see what I can find. The other day for the first time ever I went into the Grand Central Market. It’s basically I little supermarket that only has the really fancy stuff [and is wildly overpriced.] I picked up a few items here, and while I wouldn’t regularly do my grocery shopping here, it was super convenient and very nice to look at.

Can you believe this is in a train station??